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    Coaching - Training - Supervision


    Joanne is a certified professional coach with over 20 years experience helping individuals, professionals, and athletes raise their confidence, efficiency, and performance through a better understanding of themselves and others. With 15 years of business experience leading companies & teams Joanne focuses her client work around authentic leadership, team performance, collective intelligence, and co-development cultures. British but based in Toulouse, France since 2000 years Joanne is fluent in French.


    Some of the principles underpinning her work are:

    • Self As an instrumentWho we are impacts how we do what we do … and whilst we cannot control other people’s actions & behaviours, we can & should work on understanding ourselves (attitudes, reactions, beliefs, fears, etc…)
    • Emotions are usefulemotions may not always be comfortable or easy to manage, but they are there for a reason and as such it is important to feel, hear, observe and understand them
    • Presence is golden – out of respect for ourselves and those around us, may we constantly work on being present in all that we do.
    • #PauseToMoveFaster –taking a pause to connect to ourselves enables us to move forward in the right direction, faster and more effectively.  It is vital, not a luxury.
    Accessibility for people with disabilities
    Our services are available to everyone. We embrace disability by providing individualized and adapted responses in order to make the service offered "accessible" to people with a wide variety disabilities. Our Disability Correspondent is at your disposal and will adapt the content, methods and teaching tools to each particular situation.

  • Who is this for ?

  • Business ** Sport ** Individuals


    Joanne has a particular interest in Emotional Intelligence and its impact, positive & negative, on well-being and performance. She brings this focus and the related skills, to all areas of her work.


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    Business : "Who you are, is how you lead"

    Authentic leadership & collective performance in business through Executive coaching with individuals & teams


    Jo has over 20 years’ experience as a leadership coach helping individuals & teams at all levels in the organisation find their place in new & challenging contexts, understand how to change leadership posture and adapt whilst remaining integral & authentic, and develop effective relationships with colleagues & customers.


    Through coaching and training Joanne helps clients with areas like:

    • Values-led, authentic leadership
    • Vulnerability as a Strength
    • Individual & Collective Performance
    • Integrating, managing, developing atypical profiles
    • Transparency & courage
    • Collective intelligence
    • Transitioning into new roles
    • Multi-cultural team-work
    • Action Learning and co-development



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    Sport : "Managing Emotions for Excellence"


    Emotional Intelligence Coaching is a fundamental part of high level sport and should be available to all athletes and staff looking to push their performance to the max


    For several years Joanne has been using her expertise in emotional intelligence in the world of sport. As a junior she rowed at National level in England and experienced the physical, mental & emotional pressures of high-level sport for a number of years. Today Joanne uses this experience, along with her skills as a professional coach, to help integrate emotional intelligence work into high level sports training (awareness, understanding, management, modulation of emotions ...). Coaching is deployed in conjunction with the other physical and mental training & preparation as an additional resource in the quest for performance of the athlete or team in question. Joanne has been part of a Focus Group in ICF France since January 2019 looking at how to integrate coaching techniques & skills into high level sport and is currently putting in place a Global Network of Professional Coaches in Sport.


    Some of the themes that come up in sports coaching are:

    • Managing and modulating emotions for high performance
    • Managing the "here & now" 
    • Authenticity and integrity as keys to success
    • Uncovering and plugging into deep-rooted motivation
    • Aligning Body-Mind-Emotion



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    Individuals: "Happiness is an inside job"


    Working on the here & now to create a future that is right for you


    Joanne coaches individuals on areas such as :

    • Personal development and self-awareness
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Self confidence
    • Interview & preparation 
    • Work-Life balance
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    Professional Coaches


    Supporting the development of my coaching colleagues through Mentoring & Supervision



    Joanne is a certified MentorCoach (ICF) and a Coaching Supervisor (EMCC) who invests an increasing amount of time in supporting other coaches and specialists in the work they do accompanying their clients. The Mentoring side of this work involves supporting coaches in the development of the key coaching competencies & skills and often takes place in the context of a certification application. As a supervisor Joanne provides a reflective & restorative space where coaches, with more or less experience, can step back, reflect on their practice, grow and develop.

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    ProBono & Voluntary work


    Accompanying trauma & bereavement through specialist coaching work


    For several years Joanne has been working with networks of coaches who come together to use their skills to support certain complex contexts. As part of Covid-19 crisis a dedicated phoneline was set up to provide support to the care-working community in partnership with the French government. Joanne is currently dedicating her ProBono coaching hours to a LGBTQ charity in Toulouse (Le Refuge).

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    Face-to-Face or Distance



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    Toulouse - Ajaccio - London

    Joanne is based between Toulouse & Ajaccio and also runs other face-to-face sessions across the world in relation to her clients' needs


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    Coaching and Supervision is as just as effective over distance and Joanne has been working regularly via telephone or video since 2015. This enables her to work with clients all over the world in a way that is useful and appropriate for all involved.

  • Joanne will help you identify the type of accompaniment to best suit your needs & context

  • Coaching & Supervision



    "Professional Coaching

    is an on-going professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

    Coaching accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future, recognizing that results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process."

    ICF (International Coaching Federation)



    Coaching Supervision

    is a collaborative learning practice with an objective of continually building the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and their clients. Coaching Supervision focuses on the development of the coach’s capacity through offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. Coaching Supervision creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients. 

    ICF (International Coaching Federation)

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    Individual Coaching

    Executive & Life Coaching - ICF PCC


    Individual coaching adapted to the person, their needs, and their context. A safe space in which the client can step back, check in with themselves, analyse & understand their reactions & actions, reduce stress, better anticipate, and move forward in an adapted and efficient way.


    "Coaching focuses on the possibilities of tomorrow and not the errors of the past ... it liberates the potential of the other in order to maximise their performance. It is about helping the other learn, rather than teaching them” John WHITMORE

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    Team Coaching - Business & Sport

    Executive Teams, Sports Teams & Associations


    "There is a I in TEAM" - Collective intelligence & performance through the recognition of each individual as a different, but fundamental, part of the whole. 


    Values-led, authentic leadership in conjunction with a clear, shared vision and the definition of a team identity. Transparent communication and vulnerability are fundamental aspects of collective performance and enable cohesion, engagement, increased motivation and collective problem solving.

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    Reflective Supervision for Coaches

    Accredited Supervisor - EMCC ESIA


    Joanne is a trained supervisor and offers individual and group supervision for coaches of all experience.

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    Mentoring for Coaches

    Certified Mentor Coach (ICF)


    Joanne offers individual or group mentoring for coaches as they work towards their ICF certification (ACC & PCC) and is also an active member of ICF France so has great visibility & understanding of the current needs and requirement.

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    True Athlete Project (TAP)

    Building a more Compassionate World through Sport


    Joanne has worked with TAP since 2020 as a Mentor to ahtletes and as a Supervisor to the Mentors on the programme


    For further information on TAP click here

  • What are the different coaching packages available ?


    For each client there is a package to suit needs and budget ...


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    “Classic” coaching

    Based on specific needs and clear objectives, the number of sessions is agreed upfront (minimum 6).


    Each session lasts 45-90mns and are generally 2-4 weeks apart.

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    “Quick fix” coaching

    A short and very focused session related to a specific issue.


    Duration 25-30mns

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    “Hotline” coaching

    A predefined quota of hours over a specific time period of time.


    The customer is free to use the hours as they wish and any exchange over 15mns is taken off the total.

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    Workshops & Training Courses


    Tailor-made workshops and training courses that meet the needs of participants


    TRAINING COURSES - Design and delivery of tailor-made, interactive training courses.

    A moment of sharing, questioning, and learning that allows participants to take a step back, get to know each other better, and develop.



    WORKSHOPS - Design and facilitation of seminars, workshops, meetings and working groups with teams at all levels in the organisation.

    When the stakes are high and the time is limited, the full involvement of the participants sometimes requires the presence of an external and independent person to facilitate the meeting and ensure the active participation of everyone.



    Please see below some examples of the training courses we offer:
    Our catalogue of training courses is available here. Our sales conditions are available on request.



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    Leadership & Management




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    Mentor Coaching

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    Self Awareness & Personal Development


  • Joanne Fourtanier



  • Joanne Fourtanier

    Certified Professional Coach (ICF -PCC) - Individual & Team

    Certified MentorCoach (ICF)

    Coaching Supervisor (EMCC - ESIA)

    Facilitator & Trainer

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    Coach (PCC) - Trainer - MentorCoach - Supervisor (ESIA)


    Owner of B.E.C. Consulting

    Over 25 years of experience

    Bilingual: English-French


    I am British but have been based in Toulouse, France for the past 20 years. I am a happy optimistic person with a mix of emotional awareness & expression, coupled with pragmatic & rational side, and a love of accompanying people beyond what they think possible.


    I provide coaching and training support to professionals, athletes, and individuals on issues relating to management / leadership, high performance relationships, clear & clean communication, and collective performance. In recent years I have become very interested in applied neuroscience and meditation and what the possibility of managing emotions for performance. I use simple, pragmatic, effective approaches, adapting my way of working and interventions entirely to the needs and context of my clients.


    I work individually & collectively helping people push their performance to the max through an increased knowledge and understanding of themselves and their emotional reactions. My job is to create a space of trust where his clients can take a step back, question themselves, get to know themselves better, identify and manage their fears, be challenged, understand & nurture their motivation, and increase their performance.


    In addition to this corporate work, I work more and more in high level sport alongside coaches, staff, and athletes. A former high-level athlete (rowing), I am part of the "Coaching & Sport" Commission of ICF France (International Coaching Federation). Professional coaching in a sports environment has its place alongside the physical & mindset training. It aims to bring out and optimize the internal and external resources of an athlete, a coach, a team, club, federation, sports institution.


    On a more personal note, family is important to me. I am the proud mother of 2 gorgeous, emotionally-intelligent boys and come from a family of strong women who support and love each other unconditionally, have great fun together, and challenge each other to be the best we possibly can.


    I have regularly spent time abroad since my birth with a year in Brazil (Belem), another in Australia (Brisbane), 2yrs in Mexico City, and a year back-packing around South America in 1999 (Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia) where I trekked through the jungle, climbed 2 peaks over 6000m, got married, ate grubs, experienced poverty & paradise, and learnt more about myself and others than ever before in my life … I therefore also speak Spanish but not as well as before moving to France.


    Difference has always been fascinating to me, no doubt due to my experience abroad as a youngster. As a teenager I worked at a respite centre for handicapped children during my holidays and I loved it; the children were so refreshingly different in their way of viewing and interacting with the world and I learnt much from them and my time there. I myself have always felt different and at some moments suffered from it, but above all hope that I have remained authentic and used it as a strength.


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    Keep up to date on what I'm involved in by connecting on LinkedIn



  • B.E.C Consulting is a training organisation that is referenced in the French system


    Joanne herself is certified & supervised

  • Certifications & Accreditations

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    Certified Professional Coach ICF - PCC

    Since 2018

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    Accredited Coaching Supervisor EMCC - ESIA

    Since 2021



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    Certified MentorCoach (ICF)

    Since 2017

    broken image

    Qualiopi - French Quality Certification

    Since 2022

    This certification covers:

    • Training 
    • "Bilan de Compétences"
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    Certified EQ-i 2.0 / EQ-i 360

    (EQ-i : Emotional Quotient Inventory).

    2019 - Performance Consultants France



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    Post grad Diploma in "Training Design & Management of training Programmes"

    2015 - C9 Consultants

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    Code of Ethics - Coaching & Supervision

    Joanne applies the ICF code of ethics (International Coaching Federation) as well as that of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)



  • References

  • References


    AIRBUS & its subcontractors - More than 10 years of support in this international aeronautics company. Designing and facilitating workshops & training courses on subjects related to self awareness, leadership, and teamwork. Training on the analysis and debrief of the 360 ​​° tool. "Action Learning" - supporting & developing the know-how & interpersonal skills necessary in a team to be able to use Action Learning in order to increase collective intelligence and high performance teams.


    COACHING - one of the accredited Airbus external coaches for individual coaching, team coaching & flash coaching. Supporting company directors & managers in other companies throughout France (SMEs, Territorial Communities, ...)



    Other clients in & out of France :

    COACHING – Support for executives & managers in large and small businesses in France and abroad as well as individuals.


    SUPERVISION - Coaching Supervision for coaches of all levels across the world. I currently have clients from France, UK, South Africa, USA and Russia.


    TBS (Toulouse Business School) – Bachelors & Masters : classes in English on a variety of topics, eg intercultural, business communication, authentic leadership.


    PANASONIC Toulouse - accompaniment of the Management Committee for several years: coaching and facilitation of several working sessions for the executive committee.


    HM PRISON SERVICE, London - As part of an improvement project (Business Process Redesign) at this client in the public sector, Joanne led the 'change management' part - definition of objectives, assessment of capacity to transform, construction of a shared vision, development of the deployment plan, support for managers, management of sensitive situations, audit of the communication strategy and implementation of appropriate communication strategies.


    SWISS RE, Zurich - 18 month project on the design and implementation of a communication strategy in collaboration with company executives and KPMG. This was a global project bringing together more than 40 subsidiaries in 12 different countries. Among other things we carried out an audit of the existing communication strategy, designed and ran international workshops with more than 50 participants, and coached project leaders on clean communication.


    CREDIT SUISSE, Zurich - 6 month project on improving communication in collaboration with project managers. Although the objective of this project was very similar to that of Swiss Re, the culture and the structure of the company at Credit Suisse were so different that they work done was very different.


    CREDIT SUISSE / KPMG - Design and facilitation of a workshop to debrief the teamwork after a 2yr project , and close the team down successfully.


    BSkyB - design and facilitation of workshops to identify and evaluate the benefits of a project where sensitive issues had been a key feature


    PEPSICO - Design and delivery of a "train the trainer" workshop for department heads at PepsiCo who needed more in-depth knowledge of "change management" in order to train their employees on this subject themselves.


  • What client have to say about Joanne's work ...

  • Feedback from clients


    "I met Jo some years ago when looking for a coach for some individual coaching sessions. We connected instantly and with her wealth of knowledge and experience, empathy, value-based considerations as well as her remarkable listening & questioning skills, she has been an extraordinary sounding board ever since. Jo has a capacity to dig into even sensitive issues in a caring and respectful way that allow you to reflect, express and structure thoughts allowing you to eventually come to a conclusion that is your own. “Individual development is a long at times windy road” one said. In Jo you will have an inspiring, energetic and trustworthy travel companion. She will be challenging, encouraging and at times even pushy. But she will always be caring, respectful and make this journey fun."

    Andreas H, Vice President Asset Management, Airbus


    "Joanne's dynamism is what I remember above all, but her professionalism in supporting change, whether for oneself or the team, is the deliverable and the added value that Joanne brought us. Her feedback was targeted and perfectly adapted to the issues that we shared with her. In 100% of cases, there was progress !!!"


    Cedric M, Head of Building & Construction, Airbus



    "I have been a client of Joanne's on several occasions in the past few years, both through soft skills training courses for management as well as through individual coaching sessions.

    Jo is a wealth of knowledge on the aspects of soft skills training but more importantly she has a natural way of discussing with people, allowing them to open up and express ideas and thoughts that they were not even aware of having themselves in the first place. She really helps you discover yourself, your doubts and uncertainties, your interests and what is really important for you, bringing it all together in structured and enlightening feedback.

    If you have a sensitive issue at work, or even if you want to have an unbiased opinion of what you should do next in your career, or in your life, in whatever aspect you need then from my viewpoint Jo will surely be an asset to help you make your career or even life decisions. I always felt a spring in my step as I left each coaching session with Jo."

    Stephen M, Head of Fuel System Customer Support, Airbus


    "I was lucky to meet Joanne at a time when I was asking myself lots of questions about my future and she responded to an essential need: helping me reconnect with myself, my vocation, and my abilities, by working on my values ​​and my needs.
    The impact of our coaching was immediately felt by a gain in confidence. But beyond the well-being, I felt more efficient in my work and on a daily basis, and more serene about my projects.

    The value of Jo's work is, in my opinion, linked to several key points:

    Beyond her skills, Jo is passionate about her job; it shows in the positive atmosphere she creates with every exchange.
    Jo is a hard worker and committed; despite her heavy workload during the period I was working with her, she always prepared our sessions with attention and professionalism.
    I was also struck by the relevance of her language and vocabulary, precisely chosen to best reflect her thinking and help me formalize mine.
    As for her effectiveness, it is exemplary. Within minutes, Jo was able to digest the large amounts of information I was sending her, and quickly extract the things that have helped me (and still help me) move forward.
    Finally, I would like to insist on Jo's authenticity, a powerful and rare quality in our society. True to herself and and her vocation to help people develop, she was able to establish a strong connection with me, gain my trust, and take me into unexpected and useful areas . Her working method makes her coaching lively, pragmatic and credible.

    In short, Jo was able to have a positive and lasting impact on me, and is the kind of person that you will not forget"

    Cliente en coaching individuel


    "I was one of Joanne's alumni in an Airbus Leadership Programme. As an experienced professional, she displayed a large variety of coaching techniques to guide us through this journey. She knows how to help you position at the fine border (if any) between Learning and feeling challenged. As an individual, she conveys messages and emotions with a very engaging and impactful style. Working with Joanne is energizing: definitely a pleasure!"

    Yoann L, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Airbus


    "I experienced Jo as a highly professional and effective coach. Her way to coach me was always very clear and focused on myself and the input I prepared. Jo created an atmosphere where I could speak comfortably and openly. Based on an analysis of my values she helped me build a fundamental understanding about myself and how I can apply it to my professional career to be more effective and to go where I want to go.
    Having had Jo as coach really made a difference in my life. With her I have had the most effective learning experience of my life."

    Wolfram B, Aviation Safety, Siemens


    "J'ai rencontré Jo en 2011 sur une formation de management qui a duré quelques mois. J'ai découvert quelqu'un tres orientée "personne" et qui nous a encouragé à rester nous-memes. J'ai l'impression qu'elle anticipait deja "l'entreprise libérée" et le role fondamental de l'être humain au sein de l'entreprise. J'ai beaucoup appris pendant cette formation."

    Emmanuel M, Head of Composite Thermoplatics, Multifunctional & Sandwich Materials & Processes, Airbus Operation SAS


    "I engaged Jo to work with my transnational team on co development and action learning sets. From the outset Jo understood what I was driving towards and the individuals within the team. She well explained the process and gave space to everyone in the room. I saw things from my team that I never expected and was immensely pleased and proud of the outcome!"

    Pam L, Head of Operations Excellence, Teva Pharmaceuticals


    "I met Jo this week as she was my trainer for the working effectively across generations training course, which was held within the organisation I work for. Jo was very engaging and tailored the training to meet the needs of the group.

    The course was well structured and included many real life scenarios that I have either come across in the workplace before, or have the possibility to be involved with in the. Therefore it has given me a better understand of how to approach different situations and the impact that change can have on the different generations.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the training and am thankful for the knowledge I have gained. I would highly recommend Jo for training in the future as I left the course feeling empowered."

    Scott G, FLI Development Programme, Airbus UK


    "I had the great pleasure to meet Jo during a Leadership development programme in Airbus - 11 days over more than six months. This had a great impact on both my personal and professional Life. Jo made me aware of how some behaviours I thought positive (energy for example) could sometimes have a "negative" impact. I understood the power of vulnerability. Jo shared her personal experience. She is open but challenging as well. She shaked the group when needed.

    For me, she set the standards for personal development so high that 6 years after only a non violent communication personal training could compete. Thanks a lot Jo."

    Leonore L , Controller, Airbus

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